The very simple answer to this is, yes you sure can make your own chocolate Easter eggs. And guess what, it’s pretty simple process, so you might even grab your kids, and do a fun weekend cooking with them.

Items You Need to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs can be as simple or as fancy as you feel like to make them. There are lot of different sizes Easter egg moulds available, some just plain eggs, some with different patterns on them. So, here are some of the items you might consider buying to make some homemade chocolate Easter eggs.

  • The very obvious one – Easter egg mould
  • Another very obvious one – chocolate
  • Chocolate foil wraps, to wrap your awesome chocolate Easter eggs in.
  • If you’d like to go, all out, you can buy some oil-based flavouring and flavour the chocolate Easter eggs with it.

Pretty simple right? Only 4 ingredients and one of them is pretty much optional anyways.


Process of Making Chocolate Easter Egg

You need to start with melting the chocolate. If you choose to have the flavoured chocolate, now is time to add the flavouring. Be careful not to add too much flavouring, most of them are super concentrated, adding too much of them, and the chocolate can become inedible, which is definitely not, what we want.

Once your chocolate is nice and melted, it’s time to fill the chocolate Easter egg moulds. Place the chocolate moulds on a flat surface and pour the chocolate into the moulds. Be careful not to overfillthe moulds, as you want nice flat surface on all the Easter eggs, since you need to assemble the eggs later on.

Place the Easter egg mould in the fridge until the chocolate is nice and hard. Take. Out the Easter egg moulds and remove the chocolate Easter egg halves from the moulds. Using some extra melted chocolate, glue two of the Easter egg halves together, forming one solid chocolate Easter egg. Repeat the steps with the remaining egg halves, until you’ve put all the chocolate Easter eggs together.

To make the chocolate Easter eggs, look little bit more special, wrap them in some colourful foil. If you don’t have any foil in hand, you can also use some edible food colours, and paint the chocolate Easter eggs with them. Let the eggs dry completely, before touching them again. Place the chocolate Easter eggs in an airtight container, or eat them straight up, if you can’t wait.

And you’ve just finished making your very own chocolate Easter eggs, that you can be super proud of.