Bear in mind the outdated adage, you might be what you eat? The best magical ritual that you are able to do is to chop open a fruit or vegetable and eat it whereas considering of your magical intention. Under is a compilation of frequent meals and their metaphysical associations.

Apple: Attracts a lover, erotic experiences to you. Will increase attraction. Apple compote with cinnamon is assumed to hurry up the arrival of a lover to you or encourage a reluctant lover to make a cerebral relationship bodily.

Apricot: For flirtation or gentle hearted romantic expertise.

Avocado: To make your self seem youthful to others or improve private magnificence or attractiveness. Avocado is the love apple of Venus.

Banana: Eaten by males – will increase fertility and heroism. Eaten by females – attracts a lover.

Beets: Will increase virility, ardour, erotica and fertility. It’s a root so it grounds a relationship and binds the lover to you.

Blueberry: To eradicate obstacles or rivals which will come between you. As you swallow every blueberry, think about the issues that come between you falling away or disappearing.

Butter: To eradicate hostility and arguments. Whereas smoothing it on a bit of bread, hopefully with a little bit honey too, consider issues smoothing out.

Cardamom: This herb is assumed to amplify a love that’s already there or strengthen present relationships. Drink a cup of Chai tea with cardamom in it for this goal.

Carrot: Helps deliver masculine energies to a lady. For a person strengthens virility.

Celery: Will increase libido and fervour. Encourages reluctant lovers to take motion

Cherry: Eat for love, well being and to spice up sexual attraction.

Chocolate: An aphrodisiac. Lifts moods and attracts sensual experiences. Binds lovers.

Clove: Add clove to curry dishes, baked dishes and sizzling chocolate for enjoyable, love and erotic experiences. That is additionally the bud of stolen kisses so it’s good for mistresses to spike their lover’s meals with it.

Coriander: Add to curries and salads to draw your soulmate. It represents a excessive non secular love mixed with knowledge.

Cucumber: Eaten for sexual stamina, lovely pores and skin. Chop with excessive prejudice if you’re into revenge on a sure philandering male.

Eggs: An historical image of conception: Eat for fertility and constancy.

Garlic: Eat to banish the “different lady” or a rival who could also be in the way in which.

Grapes: Grapes are an emblem of a contented marriage and plenty of kids. Eat to extend fertility and emotional safety. Will also be used to extend your recognition with reverse intercourse. As you eat every grape, image one other lover coming your approach … recognized or unknown. Crimson grapes are finest for this goal.

Guava: Relieves heartbreak, attracts new romance, revives the erotic creativeness.

Honey: The nectar of the Gods. Sweetens up a relationship. Attracts constructive love and a focus.

Lemon: Marriage, pleasure, constancy, pure intentions and longevity in a relationship.

Mushrooms: Eat uncooked to make your self lovely and improve your female mystique.

Orange: Well being, constancy, love and pleasure.

Peanut: Crack these open from the shell and entice extra male power into your life.

Peas: Used to draw love, constructive Goddess power into life.

Pineapple: To draw a rich lover.

Pomegranate: For fertility, erotic creativeness, an extended line of descendants. Additionally eaten typically to draw quite a few companions or a rich associate.

Popcorn: For recognition and enjoyable. As every corn pops within the microwave, image one other constructive romantic occasion.

Pork: Eaten for fertility.