If you’re a really passionate baker and a cake decorator, you probably have pantry full of cake supplies. We’re the same, and we have probably way more of the cake supplies, then we really ever needed for. There are though some of the cake supplies, that we could not start any baking or decorating without. So, here’s the list of our absolute must have cake supplies, that we always look for first thing before we start any project.


The absolute must in our kitchen is a plain old spatula. We have endless amount of them, in all the different drawers and cabinets. And we still seem to lose them just as often you lose your socks to the washing machine or pens from your desk. Whenever we start baking the first thing, we are looking for is a spatula. One can never have too many of them.

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Mixing bowl

We always try to make as little mess in the kitchen as possible and try to mix as many ingredients in the same bowl as possible. Usually this one bowl happens to be our stand-up mixer’s bowl. During the times when one mixing bowl isn’t practical enough, we always keep a nice range of mixing bowls in our pantry, so we would have one available whenever we might need it.

Silicone Baking Mat or Baking Paper

Depends on what kind of baking we’re doing; both of these cake supplies are super important in our kitchen. Silicone baking mats are amazing to use on the cookie sheets when baking some cookies or macarons. And baking paper is irreplaceable when baking our cakes, brownies or slices. Baking paper is also very handy, when your cake tins are just not deep enough, and you have to bake a taller cake. You would simply extend the baking paper over your cake tin, giving it that extra height you need to bake the cake.

Cake Tins

Cake tins are quite obvious choice when it comes to cake supplies. You won’t really be able to bake any cakes without them. We have a nice range of round and square cake tins in our kitchen, from tiny little individual sizes, to all the way to 12” cake tins. This will give us opportunity to bake any size cake we might need to, as well as bake multi-tiered cakes in one go. Besides traditional round and square cake tins, you might also want to have sphere cake tin. Ball cake tin will give you so many possibilities, when it comes to baking cakes. You can create anything from soccer ball to fancy Barbie doll cake. Oh, and not to forget the super popular pinata cakes at the moment. They are all made and baked in the same cake tin, though the end results are all so different.


Turntable isn’t so much of a baking cake supplies but rather decorating cake supply. But it comes also very handy, when you need to prep the cake, before starting the decorating process. Cake turntable is perfect tool, when you need to slice your cake nicely and evenly. Spinning the turntable will me this process much easier and quicker. Cake turntable is also super handy when it comes to decorating your creations, whether they are cakes or cookies or cupcakes.

Every baker has their own favourite cake supplies and most of us have much more of them then just a handful. These are just some of the absolute must cake supplies in our own kitchen.